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Dongguan Huawen Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in PCBA vacuum coating of electronic circuit boards. The company has ten thousand grade and bureau clean workshop, and has passed ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification. The company has been focusing on the research of vacuum coating technology for electronic circuit board products used in automobiles and outdoor LED displays for a long time. Through continuous improvement of the vacuum coating technology of Perrin, the company provides mature and stable vacuum coating service for customers. The company has 10 Pyrelin vacuum coating production lines. At present, the main coating products are new energy vehicle control board PCBA, power board PCBA, and P1.5-P6 LED display module. The vacuum coating capacity is nearly 10,000 square meters per month.
Main services:
The company mainly undertakes various kinds of surface treatment and vacuum coating business, the product range is very wide, such as various optical devices, LED, various household appliances components, DVD shells, various photoelectric products, various types of mobile phone accessories, various magnetic materials, circuit boards, electronic components, medical instruments, various keys, jewelry and other surface nano-vacuum coating services.
Film characteristics:
The application of this coating - --- waterproof, anticorrosion, corrosion resistance, insulation, purification, lubrication, etc.